Cost of Master’s in the U.S


How much does it cost to study Master's in the U.S? Cost is an important factor for most students in their university selection. Tuition costs vary significantly and hence it is difficult to give an "average." At public universities (refers to universities that are supported by the state government), tuition can vary between $5000 to $22,500 for non-residents (refers to students who do not have a residency status in a given state).  The tuition is higher in private universities. It can be from $6500 to $33,000. 

Obviously, most students cannot afford high tuition. Fortunately, graduate assistantships are available to good students. The biggest mistake students' make is to apply late. Most assistantships are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you apply close to the deadline, your chances of an assistantship may go down. 

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