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Uma Gupta writes that leadership is about purpose


I am sure you have met people like this. You take one look at them and you on they are on a mission. They are purposeful. They are not distracted. Obstacles do not worry them or deter them. Criticism is irrelevant to them. They know where they are going and they know, not just believe, they know they will get there. Uma Gupta writes that while many of us dream about leading a purposeful life, there are only a handful that know what they want out of life and go after it with passion. The great thing that adversity and setbacks bring to leaders is a refocus on their purpose; a re-commitment to their purpose. Uma Gupta writes that in spite of all the heartaches and frustrations that setbacks bring, they are also the source of the gift of renewal of one’s purpose in life.

Uma Gupta says Diversity has become the D-word


Today, unfortunately, diversity has become the D-word. Many equate Diversity with Being Politically Correct. Which manager or employee is going to stand up and say, “I am sick of all this diversity nonsense?” without being shot down barely before the words are uttered. Can you imagine the fate of a manger who expresses such an opinion? So people listen to diversity lectures with glazed eyes and bored expressions, while secretly thinking, “This is all nonsense!” So, diversity is not about achieving certain percentages of “color” in your organization; it is not about lectures, workshops, and more lectures and workshops, says Uma Gupta. The first step toward diversity is giving people “safe forums” to express their opinions and perspectives and then findings ways to work through them and achieve a higher level of understanding.

Uma Gupta writes about talent, tenacity, and women


Talent and tenacity is an attractive, powerful, and fabulous combination. In women, it is even more attractive. When we face setbacks, we look for reasons; on our dark days, we even look for excuses. But, Uma Gupta says that if and when we snap out of excuses and blame, our talent and tenacity become powerful catalysts for change both within ourselves and in the world in which we live. Talent and tenacity should go hand in hand, says Uma Gupta. Because one without the other limits us in many ways. Being tenacious, without being purposeful, limits us. Being talented without being tenacious also limits us. So Uma says that talent and tenacity will win the day. Uma Gupta is the President and CEO of Global Cube Consulting, a managment consulting company that focuses on strategic planning, organizational development, and women in higher education.

Uma Gupta writes about need for interdisciplinary thinking


Interdisciplinary thinking: In a day and time when high-tech programs, like biotechnology, e-commerce, genetics, and information technology are highly sought after, there is a growing need for those who can apply technology to different disciplines. We need leaders with inter-disciplinary thinking, i.e the ability to interface and interconnect different disciplines. Uma Gupta and her leadership team did just that. The Center for Organic and Sustainable Agriculture integrates cutting edge technologies like biotechnology and information technology with organic farming in a university setting.

Uma Gupta writes about entry-level technical talent


Uma Gupta’s views on how best was recently published in the prestigious magazine. Uma Gupta writes”

To find talent, you must create, invest in and nurture it; you must be willing to assume the risk that the talent you grow and nurture may sometimes benefit others, even your competitors. Still, companies that take a broader view of talent acquisition benefit in the long run. It is a law of nature: The more you give, the more you receive. The idea that the primary function of hiring managers is simply one of matchmaking—that is, finding the right person for the right job—is antiquated. Instead, forward-looking companies understand that talent acquisition also entails participating in the development of talent, particularly for entry-level positions.

Uma Gupta has consulted for Fortune 100 firms and her advice is the same. If you are not innovative in how you hire, how can you expect to be an innovative company? Innovation starts and ends with the talent you hire and hence Uma says be mindful of how you hire. Even more important, Uma says is what you do to attract innovation at the entry level.

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