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Top Universities in the USA: Which is the right one for ME?


Of the many top universities in the USA, which is the right one for YOU? If you approach this question correctly, you will find the university that is the right fit for you. This is a time when many international students feel confused and overwhelmed. Don’t think you are alone! Many international students feel the same way! There are at least 4500 universities in the US and you are looking for the one that is right for you! It is natural to feel anxious and confused about narrowing your choice from 4500 universities to one university!

Let us get started. Start by narrowing your choice from 4500 to say, around 25 to 50. Here is how to short-list or narrow your choice of universities:

  1. Does the university have the program that I want to study?  I always like to take the easy way and let today's technology do the hard work, it saves me hours of time. Here is a recomendation, go to the Planet GPA website, this website has a lot of great information about Top USA Universities. There is even a place where you fill out information about yourself and they will give you matches and recomendations about the top US universities that match your profile …. here is the best part … it's free. Check it out at this link Top USA Universities  click the green register button on the web page to get matched up with Top Universities in the USA. if you just want a list, Go over to US News and World Report it is a widely used resource for searches: Top Universities in the USA
  2. The next question focuses on admissions criteria at top universities in the USA. Ask yourself, “Can I meet the university’s admissions criteria?” In other words, what are top USA universities looking for in a student? if the university has high admission standards, will I be able to meet these standards?
  3. Is the tuition affordable at top USA universities? Read our post elsewhere about how to calculate the tuition.
  4. Can I manage the living expenses at top universities in the USA? In other words, how much will it cost me for boarding and lodging, in addition to the tuition at a top college in the USA?
  5. Does the university award scholarships for international students? Am I eligible? Will I be able to get a scholarship?
  6. Do I prefer a small college in the US where everyone knows everyone or do I prefer top universities in the USA that may have thousands of students?
  7. Where will I be most happy? In a large city? In a small town?

Simply asking these questions will help you to narrow your choice at top USA universities. This is a good beginning. This does not mean that at the end of this exercise you would have found the one or two or five universities that is perfect for you. It simply means that you now have a shorter list of potential universities to work from. In the next post, I will share with you how to take this short list and continue to refine it.

Three things you should be doing this month to get into a good US university:

  1. Search for all universities that offer your program.
  2. Ask yourself, “What is the best fit for me?” Don’t select a university because your friend went there or someone you know went there. Select a university because it is right for you, for who you are, and for what you want to do in your life.
  3. Be smart. Do your homework. Research your university. Read their website. Ask questions.

The top universities in the USA are looking for the right student. If you put in the time and effort, that could be you! 

For more details on some of the factors you must consider while narrowing your list of top universities in the USA, click here: