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Alfred State Bloggers Put On Notice


There is clear and compelling evidence that Alfred State College bloggers acted with malice when they spread lies, rumors, and innuendos about me and other senior administrators. Faculty who profess to teach students about ethical code of conduct acted in ways that are an embarrassment to the institution and to themselves. Read this article from MSNBC and reflect on what it means to be a part of an academic community!

"Harm can be much greater when people are singled out by name on the Web; such attacks can hurt someone’s career or home life. One entrepreneur is trying to help people recover from such attacks with a company he started last year: ReputationDefender.It takes one person 20 minutes to destroy your reputation, and it costs them nothing,” says Michael Fertik, who employs about 40 part-time “agents” on what he calls “search and destroy” missions against unwarranted Internet attacks."

Online anonymity lets users get nasty. E-mail, message board nastiness reflects decline in civil discourse

By Jocelyn Noveck
The Associated Press
Updated: 3:46 p.m. ET March 21, 2007

When a California woman recently gave birth to a healthy baby just two days after learning she was pregnant, the sudden change to her life was challenging enough. What April Branum definitely didn’t need was a deluge of nasty Internet comments.Postings on message boards made cracks about Branum’s weight (about 400 pounds — one reason she says didn’t realize sooner she was pregnant). They also analyzed her housekeeping ability, based on a photo of her home. And they called her names. “A pig is a pig,” one person wrote. Another suggested that she “go on the show ’The Biggest Loser.”’

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Trash Talk


Uma_gupta06The Wall Street Journal on Monday, March 19, 2007 carried an Opinion piece titled, "Trash Talk," by Miss Wurtzel, a student at Yale Law School. She writes about AutoAdmit – a website of postings where law students can post whatever they like. Anonymously, of course! Rings a bell?

Most of the postings are mean-spirited – a signature of anonymous blogs. Rings a bell? That’s what cowards do – they do and say mean-spirited and untrue things about others while they hide behind the First Amendment. I could not but help think about the anonymous Alfred State blog. There were too many parallels. Both educational institutions (of course there is no comparison between Yale and Alfred State!). Both anonymous blogs. Both mean-spirited, filled with lies and innuendos.

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