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Quality is the only road to success for India’s education market


Students all over the world gravitate toward institutions that offer quality and US students are no different. As India tries to attract more foreign students, a haphazard approach to education will not do. Instead, it must focus on four things: quality of students, quality of faculty, quality of curriculum, and quality of infrastructure. Lack of attention to any one of these will damage India's ranking abroad.

The Indian education market has exploded in the last decade or so. It is hard to go by a street in India without seeing at least one college, institute, or school. Still, mere numbers won't do. Instead, India must invest all its resources and talent in building quality into its educational systems. Today, more than ever before the world is aware of India's high quality colleges and universities and the reputation these institutions enjoy on a global platform. College and university presidents in the US know that IIT spells quality. If educators in India focus on quality, rather than numbers, India will emerge as a world leader in global education. Otherwise, India would have missed yet another opportunity to be a world player.

Dr. Uma G. Gupta is the President of Global Cube, your gateway to India for business and education.

Indian universities attract international students in record numbers.


India now competes with US colleges and universities to attract students from all over the world and based on recent statistics India appears to be doing remarkably well. SiliconIndia reported in an article dated August 12, 2008 that several universities in India enjoyed record enrollment of foreign students, including Indira Gandhi University and Manipal Academy of Higher Education. International student recruitment is now a high priority for a growing number of colleges and universities in India.

Several colleges and universities are building new residential campuses and paying close attention to ensure that they not only offer exceptional classroom instruction but are also paying close attention to the unique needs of international students. The cost of earning a degree in India is pittance compared to an US education and an added bonus is many multinationals are eager to hire graduates from good Indian institutions. A win-win for India and for international students!

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