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How to find the right MBA for you!


How to find the right MBA program:

A significant number of people are interested in a MBA degree as a way to advance their career and increase their compensation package. Employers are not just interested in your MBA degree, but also which school you received it from. Of course the easy answer is that we would all like to get our MBA’s from the top 20 ranked schools. The not so easy answer is that we have to select a school that meets our academic and financial profile. The US has over 500+ MBA schools and picking one can be a herculean task. So what can a prospective student do?

First, evaluate your career goals and see what you would like to be doing 5, 10 and more years from now. As I mentioned yesterday, MBA comes in many flavors, so pick the one that fits best for you.

Secondly, select a school that best fits your academic and financial profile. This is an analytical process and drilling down to the best school for you can be achieved via several dimensions. There is a lot of help out there in selecting the right school, both free of charge and paid consulting.

Lastly, go with your gut feeling.

I invite you your comments on why you would like to do an MBA and in what specialization.

Like ice cream, MBA comes in different flavors


Like Ice Cream, MBA comes in many flavors

Many students are interested in studying business at
the graduate level and the most common degree they seek is Masters in Business Administration
or MBA.  Of course, like any other area
of study, MBA has branched into a number of specializations with new ones being
added every year. Some have been around for many years like accounting,
marketing, and finance. And some are entirely new. There are more than 20 specializations
and several dual degrees with MBA. Some of the popular specializations are

1.      Accounting

2.      Communications

3.      Entrepreneurship

4.      Finance

5.      Health
care management

6.      Hospitality
and Tourism

7.      Human

8.      Information

9.      Information

10.  International

11.  Investment

12.  Leadership

13.  Marketing

14.  Media

15.   Sports Management

16.  Public

17.  Organizational

18.  Product

19.  Real

20.  Supply
Chain Management

You can also get a dual degree with your MBA. A dual degree is one where you
earn two degrees (sometimes at the same institution and sometimes at two
different universities) by studying for both at the same time. Dual degrees are
different from double majors.  It is hard
work, but often well worth the effort

MBA/Masters –in several disciplines
MBA/Nursing MBA/Health Administration

Dr. Uma G. Gupta is President & CEO of USAsiaEdu (, an international student recruitment company. She can be reached at





To take or not to take the GRE?


Many international students who want to pursue graduate studies overseas have to take the Graduate Record Examination or GRE. This is not to say that all universities require the GRE as there are universities that do not require the test. However, getting good scores on GRE is important – very important. It is a matter of hard work and a dash of good luck. If you are having a bad hair day, are sick or just down, you may not do well and this may be reflected in your scores.

Students often question the relevance of the exam. The fact that a student can be “prepped” or coached for the exam shows the inherent weakness of such exams. However, GRE to a large extent is a test of aptitude. That is why it is not always easy to significantly improve your score by just "studying harder!"

A large number of universities also pay close attention to undergraduate GPA, work experience and SOP along with GRE test scores. In order to gain admission to a US university, you must be good across multiple dimensions or factors.

I invite your comments on the GRE exam and viable alternatives to it.

Dr. Uma G. Gupta is the President & CEO of USAsiaEdu, an international student recruitment firm. She can be reached at



TOEFL Scholorships for Indian Students headed to universities in US, UK and Canada


If you are a student from India, and are planning to study in US, UK or Canada and have taken the TOEFL, check out the following link for scholarships from ETS


Three US$10,000 scholarships (one per country) can be applied to any university in the U.K., the U.S. or Canada. Four US$5,000 scholarships can be applied to any university in any of these three countries.


Your Statement of Purpose is about YOU!


you embark on your admissions journey to a good school,  one of the most pivotal items,  along with your grades, test scores, work
experience and extracurricular act ivies is your  Statement Of Purpose or SOP.

the name implies the SOP tells the admissions officer of who you are and where
you are headed. It is your chance to bring together all your other achievements
in a lively and crisp fashion to the committee. The words should tell the story
of your journey thus far and where you are headed in the future.

colleges pay a great deal of attention to the SOP and a well thought out and
well written SOP can tilt the balance in your favor.  A SOP should be who you are not what you want
the admissions officer to see you as. Pay attention to the structure, thought
process, clarity and effectiveness of ideas presented. There are several sites
and consultants that can teach you how to do that. Once you are satisfied with
the structure, and then write with your heart. You will most certainly hit the bull’s
eye or come pretty close.



US MBA and years of work experience


In order to study MBA in the US, one to three years work
experience is necessary.

Not true! In fact, many good US MBA programs do not
require work experience! Those that require are often part-time or programs
designed primarily for executives or working professionals. If you are
interested in studying MBA, but do not have work experience, take the GMAT and
short list MBA universities that do not require work experience. You can also
specialize within the MBA program in Finance, HR, Health Care, International
Business, IT, Hospitality, and other areas. The US MBA is still one of the most
sought after in the world! 

Dr. Uma G. Gupta is the President & CEO of USAsiaEdu ( located in Rochester, New York. The company specializes in recruiting international students for US universities.