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Achievements as President of Alfred State College


Select Press Coverage of these initiatives:

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Under my leadership, and working closely with a strong senior leadership team of five Vice-Presidents (Academic Affairs, Administrative Affairs and Technology, Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, and Institutional Advancement), Alfred State College achieved the following between 2003-2006:

  • Strategic Planning and Development: A campus-wide collaborative dialogue over a yearlong period led to embracing the “intentional learner” concept as advanced by AAC&U. The vision called for the creation of a community of stakeholders, who are empowered, informed, and responsible. Quote from Middles States Accreditation Report (2005):

“The Institutional Strategic five-year plan is very well conceived to support the goals of the College. The new leadership team has created, in a short period of time, an atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation among different segments of the college community. The leadership team also gained support from its constituency for a vision to create an intentional learning environment. The new vision, mission and the strategic plan that was developed, clearly articulate the future for the institution.”

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