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Cheat on college essays and get caught!


Writing a college essay is hard (Writing, for that matter, is hard work!0. It is difficult, time-consuming, and challenging. Who wants to stare at a blank sheet of paper? Who wants to toil for hours to write the perfect essay, only to find that an Admissions Officer is not impressed. Why not have someone else write the perfect college essay? Thinking about hiring someone to write for you? Think again!

Pennsylvania State University’s M.B.A. program was among the first to sign up for Turnitin for Admissions. More than two dozen institutions worldwide have used the service, and some colleges (as yet unnamed) have incorporated it into their review of undergraduate applicants, according to Jeff Lorton, product- and business-development manager at Turnitin for Admissions.

“A lot of jaws are dropping,” Mr. Lorton said of admissions officials surprised by the levels of matching they’ve seen. “There are people seeking an advanced degree at the most selective institutions who can’t even write their own personal statements.”

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Online learning worth it?


Here is a question we received from a student:


 I found your article through some source hunting and found it very very helpful. Actually, am planning to purse Masters in Transportation and Logistics Management from American Public University, distance learning. Since, I live and work in Dubai, UAE and am Indian national, could you please advise, if Masters program from this university are accredited all over the globe? Thanks so much in advance.  Rgds

You are asking two different questions: 1) accreditation, 2)online learning.

Accreditation: U.S. university programs are accredited by different agencies/organizations in the U.S. These agencies ensure the quality of the programs. They review faculty credentials, courses offered, and how these programs prepare students for jobs. Accreditation is a good thing! You want to look for programs that are accredited.

Second, distance learning or on-line learning. There are a number of good on-line programs. The on-line program has the same credit and value as a classroom program. You don't even need to tell your future employer that it is an on-line degree unless asked.

Hope this helps!

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