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Cost of Master’s in the U.S


How much does it cost to study Master's in the U.S? Cost is an important factor for most students in their university selection. Tuition costs vary significantly and hence it is difficult to give an "average." At public universities (refers to universities that are supported by the state government), tuition can vary between $5000 to $22,500 for non-residents (refers to students who do not have a residency status in a given state).  The tuition is higher in private universities. It can be from $6500 to $33,000. 

Obviously, most students cannot afford high tuition. Fortunately, graduate assistantships are available to good students. The biggest mistake students' make is to apply late. Most assistantships are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you apply close to the deadline, your chances of an assistantship may go down. 

Why is tuition at US colleges and universities impossible to find?


While the cost of attending college is steadily increasing, the challenge of finding what it will cost to attend on an institutional website is getting even more challenging. Why? I wish we knew, but I don't. Buried deep where it cannot be found or if found one will need an interpreter to understand the English and compute the math, finding the exact cost of attending a given institution is ridiculously difficult at most institutions. It should not be this way, but it is and it has been this way for years. It makes no sense that one of the most critical pieces of information for a parent or a student is simply not readily available on a university website. Add to this frustration that when you find this treasure of information, it is not what you think it is. There are additional fees and charges that you can never find out or that will be buried in some other part of the website and whola! when you are in line to pay your fees, you will realize that there is a deeper hole in your pocket. And so today I want to salute those institutions that don't hide the tuition six layers deep, write in clear and understandable language, provide contact details should a visitor have questions, and are committed to helping parents making sensible decisions. Thank you.

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