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Five Tips to do Well on the GRE


FiGreenWorldve tips to do well on the GRE:

1.    Register Early.

2.    Prepare for the test. Even if you are an 'A' student, doesn't mean you will do well on the GRE without preparing.

3.    Work on what you are not good at, not what you are good at! Students who are good at math will spend their time studying for math! This doesn't help.  Focus on what you are NOT good at!

4.    You have to do well on both quantitative and verbal. A perfect quantitative score but a weak verbal score or vice versa will hurt your chances of admission.

5.    Study in groups –  it really helps!

Masters in US – Spring 2011


January 2011 seems far, far away if you are planning to study in the US. Seven months does seem like a long time but it is NOT if you are planning to apply to US universities for Spring! You must start right away in order to be successful in gaining admission. Take the following steps:

  1. Prepare for GRE, GMAT,TOEFL, or IELTS – depending on what test you plan or need to take. 
  2. Register for the test right away! Deadlines are good. It will help you to focus and study. Also, if for some reason you don't do well, you will have an opportunity to retake the test. 
  3. Don't wing it or go unprepared to take the test. These are tough tests and you must study for it. Scores matter!
  4. Short list your universities. What is a good US university? Read my previous postings. 
  5. Visit the websites of your favorite universities and learn about them. 
  6. Review all documents you will need to apply to a US university. 
  7. Think about finances and what you can afford. 

Students that start early have a greater chance of getting admission to a good US university!


How to find the right MBA for you!


How to find the right MBA program:

A significant number of people are interested in a MBA degree as a way to advance their career and increase their compensation package. Employers are not just interested in your MBA degree, but also which school you received it from. Of course the easy answer is that we would all like to get our MBA’s from the top 20 ranked schools. The not so easy answer is that we have to select a school that meets our academic and financial profile. The US has over 500+ MBA schools and picking one can be a herculean task. So what can a prospective student do?

First, evaluate your career goals and see what you would like to be doing 5, 10 and more years from now. As I mentioned yesterday, MBA comes in many flavors, so pick the one that fits best for you.

Secondly, select a school that best fits your academic and financial profile. This is an analytical process and drilling down to the best school for you can be achieved via several dimensions. There is a lot of help out there in selecting the right school, both free of charge and paid consulting.

Lastly, go with your gut feeling.

I invite you your comments on why you would like to do an MBA and in what specialization.