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International Students: Five things to do before you apply for an internship in the U.S

more of our table at the NYSAIS Job Fair to Pr...

more of our table at the NYSAIS Job Fair to Promote Diversity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As an international student, you are probably eager to get an internship at a U.S. company.  Internships are highly competitive.  You have to work hard to get an internship.  No one at any university will do all the work for you while you wait for an acceptance letter for an internship. Instead, from Day one, on a university campus, you have to get to know the staff at the Career and Placement Office. Even if they are not very encouraging or enthusiastic about your prospect of finding an internship, you must not give up. You must continue to make regular visits to the Placement Office to let them know that you are serious and dedicated. More important, do your home work. Don’t walk in and say, “Hmmm.. do you have any internships?”

Instead, have answers to the following five questions:

1. What industry do I want to work in?

2. What are my skills?

3.  How will the company benefit from my skill set?

4. What can I offer that  perhaps a U.S student cannot?

5. Am I doing this to earn a pay check or to gain experience? Both is a good answer, but “for experience,” is a better answer!

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The Myth About Online Job Searches


Umaglobe_3The Internet has lulled job-seekers into thinking that with a few mouse clicks the perfect offer will show up in their mailbox. Those who have been in the job market will enthusiastically attest to the fact that Internet job searches are anything but easy. In fact, the Internet has made it more difficult, not easy, for employers and job seekers to find one another. Somewhat like the dating game it is confusing and downright painful. The rules of the game are arbitrary and mysterious and while both (employer and employee) claim to enthusiastically seek the other with open arms, neither is finding the experience pleasant nor productive. Over the next few weeks, I will critique the career websites of several Fortune 100 firms and show how some firms may be turning off potential employees! Share your experiences about on-line job searches.