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Pravin Sahebrao Pagar said…

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sir/madam, i am student of pharmacy studying in final(4th) year. I want to known how i will get admission in U.S. University.i still dosent face any test like GRE, TOFEL, ILTS, GMAT.please suggest me which exam. should i take in order to get admission in good university with offering good stipend and how much score requires.

Dear Pravin,

The Doctorate of Pharmancy (there is no Master's in Pharmacy) is a highly competitive field. This is because of the abundance of jobs in pharmacy! However, at the current time, there is more demand than supply of Pharmacy universities in the US. This is changing as more pharmacy universities in US will open over the next few years. Your best bet is to do well on GRE and TOEFL. Getting financial aid is difficult. Work hard on improving your written and oral communication skills. University of California, San Francisco has a great pharmacy program. Best wishes to you!

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  1. Dear Uma G.Gupta
    it is indeed wonderful of you to share with the reader so many wonderful information about U.S.A post graduate education
    all are who are venturing in to US, do either MS OR MBA,
    I have a quire to you ,
    my daughter is doing her 3rd year BPT,In Sri Ramachandra university, chennai, tamilnadu, india,
    accredited by NAAC with A grade and also accredited by Joint Commission International, USA. SRMC is the first university hospital in the country to get this distinction.
    She would like to continue her master degree in USA, Kindly do inform or write an article for Physical therapy courses in usa,
    it is called in india MBT, IN USA it is called DTP,DOCTOR IN PHYSICAL THERAPY
    Pl do inform us, it will help us lot
    thank you for your wonderful website
    thank you
    yours with lots of respect

  2. Dear Uma G.Gupta
    i am still waiting for your input regarding
    which you promised me will come up in a week time
    it is almost a month,after your reply to me
    via email
    i shall be gretful if you can give a write up DTP
    IN USA
    IF HE IS A
    IT WILL BE really nice if you can also
    feed about the list of universities that are
    offering DTP,
    IS There a possibility for any financial assistant too
    please do write in detail
    thanking you
    waiting to hear from you
    yours with reverence

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