Fall 2011 – Time to Act


The clock is ticking! If you plan to attend a US university in August 2011,from now on every day counts. Here are a few simple things to do:

1. Practice GRE; practice GMAT; practice TOEFL; or practice IELTS – regardless of what test you plan to take, practice is key. 

2. Short-list your universities carefully. Research each university thoroughly. This is the most important decision you will make with regard to your education. Don't blindly follow someones advice. Do your homework.

3. Write a good essay. Be prepared for at least 7 to 8 iterations. US universities give great deal of importance to good essays!

Dr.Uma G. Gupta is CEO of PlanetGPA, a US firm that matches students with US universities. She can be reached at info@planetgpa.com

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  1. Dear Dr.Umagupta
    greetings for a wonderful New year 2011
    it with great gratitude i am writing, it is nice of you to serve the indian students,
    for their higher studies at USA,
    My daughter is doing her second year , B.P.T. Bachelor of Physiotherapy
    in chennai, tamil nadu, india, Sri Ramachandra University
    a deemed university, which has alliance with Harvard medical international
    she has 2.5 years to finish her course,she is a gold medalist, till now ,
    i shall be greatful if you can guide me, regarding
    which are the best universities in usa, for her MPT,OR DPT
    and what are the entrance exam she has to write for her post graduate at usa
    please guide me
    thanking you

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