Your Statement of Purpose is about YOU!


you embark on your admissions journey to a good school,  one of the most pivotal items,  along with your grades, test scores, work
experience and extracurricular act ivies is your  Statement Of Purpose or SOP.

the name implies the SOP tells the admissions officer of who you are and where
you are headed. It is your chance to bring together all your other achievements
in a lively and crisp fashion to the committee. The words should tell the story
of your journey thus far and where you are headed in the future.

colleges pay a great deal of attention to the SOP and a well thought out and
well written SOP can tilt the balance in your favor.  A SOP should be who you are not what you want
the admissions officer to see you as. Pay attention to the structure, thought
process, clarity and effectiveness of ideas presented. There are several sites
and consultants that can teach you how to do that. Once you are satisfied with
the structure, and then write with your heart. You will most certainly hit the bull’s
eye or come pretty close.



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