Why study in the US? Eight Good Reasons!


Many students are excited about the prospect of studying abroad. "I
want to study somewhere else in the world other than my home country!"
is commonly heard around the world. Today there are many interesting
study abroad destinations – US, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore – to
name a few. While several countries offer great programs at great
universities, the US continues to attract record numbers (yes, I am

So what makes the US the most favored destination in the world:

  1. US colleges and universities offer hundreds and hundreds of
    programs in every imaginable subject and even in those fields that you
    never imagined existed! If you are looking variety, look no further.
  2. The US has a range of universities from the very best in the world
    to average ones and some even below par. Select the right university
    for the right reasons.
  3. US education is recognized world over.
  4. US education encourages creative thinking and problem-solving (not
    in all cases, but in many cases!) Case studies, class presentations,
    group projects, research papers, and essay exams all test the abilities
    of the learner in different ways and caters to different learners as
  5. If you want to pursue higher studies, it is easy to move from
    undergraduate to graduate to post-graduate in the US. There are many
    gates that open readily for the student who wants to continue to study.
  6. You will meet people from all over the world! Guaranteed!
  7. A meaningful degree from a good university will lead to a good
    job. You have to compete with the best, but if you are good, you will
    land in a good place.
  8. Most faculty genuinely care about international students and will
    work closely with them. They are bright, dedicated, and creative (not
    all faculty, but most are!0

I am sure there are other good reasons as well including making
lots of friends, being free to do what you like, and achieving great

Dr. Uma G.Gupta is CEO of USAsiaEdu (http://www.USAsiaEdu.com), a New
York company that helps international students with study abroad

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