President, and Professor of Management


Managed a $24 million budget and 300 plus employees. Turned around a budget deficit, increased organizational resources through creative problem-solving, recruited talented leaders, and delivered on all key performance indicators. 

Impressive and proven track-record as a collaborative and cohesive leader with a talent for strategic planning and positioning of the institution: “The new leadership team has created, in a short period of time, an atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation among different segments of the community. The leadership has raised the right questions in the right way and created a balanced plan that respects full aspirations.” (Quote from an independent external institutional accreditation team.)

Talented in acquiring resources even under highly challenging and difficult circumstances. Secured an unprecedented $5 million in funding to support a newly envisioned organic farm, a first ever in the institution’s 100-year history. Skilled at stakeholder engagement and management. Increased fund raising 16% in the first year and 17% in the second, with an increase of 500% in unrestricted donors. Broke all previous records.

Led a diverse team in the strategic positioning of the institution; all key performance indicators including enrollment, strategic partnerships, and fund-raising increased; launched several new programs; successfully enhanced the reputation, viability and visibility of the unit.

Structured international alliances with Turkey, Mexico, Bermuda, and Japan to increase international students.  Greatly exceeded established targets by increasing international students by 35% in two years.

Turned around an agricultural program and farm lab that was making significant losses for nearly two decades into a nationally recognized highly-technological organic farm and a noteworthy regional economic development initiative. Today, the new venture is a catalyst for other growth ideas and ventures.

Consistently received outstanding performance evaluations with significant merit increases. 

Exceptional talent in building diverse teams and strategic partnerships to achieve ambitious goals in short time frames.

Leveraged web technologies to achieve national prominence and “stand out from the pack.”  Achieved national prominence in Intel’s ranking as the nation’s 21st “most wired” campus.

Recruited highly talented and diverse administrators, faculty and staff, including the first Hispanic Department Chair and the first Hispanic Dean of Student Affairs.

Earned a reputation as a caring bridge-builder and community leader for launching several innovative first-ever outreach initiatives: Leadership breakfast series as part of community leadership development; annual Children’s International Festival to enhance global awareness among rural children; Backpack Buddies, a program that provides food to low-income school children.

Spear headed capital construction projects over ~$31 million, the institution’s largest building boom since 1960s.

Built several first-ever strategic partnerships with industry and businesses and increased the resource base of the institution. Created and developed ground-breaking international alliance with a technology institute in Trinidad.

Chief strategist behind creating and launching an award-winning highly successful Association for Women in Technology. Received high praise from senior business executives.

Nominated by the Governor of the State of Nebraska to serve on the Governor’s IT Commission.  Won praise from the Governor of Nebraska for spear-heading the first-ever Women in IT Annual Conference Developed that drew a crowd of more than 250 people in its first year. 





Published in the prestigious CIO online magazine, “No talent shortage, just talent recognition shortage.” (July 2007)

Interviewed by the prestigious Forrester Researcher as an expert in talent recruitment (August 2007)

Member, State of Nebraska Governor’s Commission of the Educational         Council of the Nebraska Information Technology Commission (1999)

Founder and President, Association for Women in Technology, Omaha, Nebraska.

Chair, Board of Directors of Association for Women in Technology, Omaha, Nebraska.

Chair and Founder, Information Technology in the Workplace (ITW):  Opportunities, Challenges, and Solutions, on September 13th and 14th, 1999, Omaha, Nebraska. 

Member, Board of Directors, Technology Entrepreneurs Exchange, (June 2001 : A Texas-based, non-profit networking organization for emerging technology entrepreneurs and angel investors.

Member, Board of Directors, Houston Technology Center, (2001)

Member, Board of Directors, Women in Technology, Houston, Texas, (2000)

Member, Board of Directors, Creighton Institute of Information Systems and Technology, (1997)

Member, Board of Advisors, School to Career Programs, Applied Management Institute, Omaha, Nebraska (1997)

Member, Board of Directors, YWCA, Omaha, Nebraska (1998)

Member, Board of Directors, Women’s’ Fund, Omaha, Nebraska (1998)

Member, Skutt Catholic High School Task Force in Information Technology, Omaha, Nebraska.

Developed academic partnerships with FDR, Union Pacific, US West, US West Dex, Inacom Corporation, Mutual of Omaha, Valmont Industries, Omaha World Herald, Central States Insurance, OPPD, ABI, Sitel, AIM, ConAgra, and Renaissance.




President’s Council on Diversity Issues in the Workplace, Creighton University (1999)

Continuous Assessment of Student’s Learning, Creighton University, (1999)

Long-range Planning Committee on Information Technology, Creighton University (1998)

External Technology Advisory Committee, Creighton University (1997)

Vice President for Academic Affairs Faculty Insight Group, to share and address issues relevant to faculty governance (1998)

Administrative Committee of Department Heads, Creighton University (1997-1998)

Founder, Teaching Dialogues, a monthly workshop to identify tools and methods to become better teachers (1999).

Faculty and Staff Development Committee, Creighton University (1998)

Electronic Commerce Curriculum Committee, Creighton University (1999)

Executive Committee of the College of Business Administration, Creighton University (1998)

Strategic Planning Committee, Creighton University (1997-1998)

Research and Scholarship Committee, Creighton University (1997-1998)

Chair, Search Committee, Department Chair in Information Systems and

            Technologies, Creighton University (1997)

Search Committee, Director of Creighton Institute, Creighton University (1998)

Chair, Research and Creative Activities Policies Committee, East Carolina University (1994-1996)

Chair, Graduate Program Committee, East Carolina University


Chair, MIS Curriculum Committee, East Carolina University (1995-1997)

Industry Outreach Committee, Eastern Carolina University (1994-1997)

Personnel Committee, East Carolina University (1996- Present)

Faculty Advisor, Decision Sciences Society, East Carolina University (1997)

Minority Admissions Committee, University of Central Florida (1991-1993)

Faculty Senate, University of Central Florida (1991-1993)

University Undergraduate Program Review Committee, University of Central  Florida (1992-1993)




Federal earmark, University of Houston                                      $400,000

Creighton University                                                                  $8k

Applied Management Institute (AIM), Omaha, NE                      $5K

Rockwell International Corporation,

Kennedy Space Center, FL                                                        $60K

Rockwell International Corporation, 

Kennedy Space Center, FL                                                        $35K

East Carolina University, University-wide summer grant              $7.5K

East Carolina University, University-wide summer grant              $7.5K

NASA, Kennedy Space Center, FL                                            $50K  

American Production and Inventory Control Society                    $3K    

Division of Sponsored Research, Univ. of Central Florida             $3k



Keynote speaker, Lucent Technologies Celebration of Engineers Week, Omaha, Nebraska, Preparing for a Changing Tomorrow (February 2000)

Keynote speaker, Project Management Institute Annual Banquet, Omaha, Nebraska, on Project Management in the New Millennium (November 1999)

Keynote speaker, National Women Accountants Society, Omaha, Nebraska, on women and leadership (May, 1999)

Keynote speaker, National Engineering Week Annual Conference, Omaha, Nebraska, on motivating IT professionals (February, 1999)

Invited Speaker, IBM Women’s Leadership Conference, Boulder, CO, March 2000 on Change Management.

Invited Speaker, IBM Women’s Leadership Conference, Boulder, CO, March 2000 on Being a Successful Project Leader.

Invited Speaker, ICAN: Women’s Leadership Conference,  on Change Management (February 2000)

Invited Speaker, Young President’s Association, a group of CEOs in the Midwest region, to address recruitment and retention issues (November 1999)

Invited Speaker, Management Review Meeting, First Data Corporation, to address senior managers and executives on how to be technology savvy (November 1999)

Invited Speaker, Board of Director for, Creighton University, outlining the activities of the Endowed Chair (October 1999)

Invited speaker, ICAN: Women’s Leadership Conference, Omaha, Nebraska, to address IT issues in the workplace (February 1999)

Invited Speaker, Rotary Club, Omaha, Nebraska, to address the role of women in technology (September 1999)

Invited Speaker, National Library Association, on the alliance between women and technology (October 1999)

Invited speaker, Project Management Institute of Omaha, on the topic of Project Leadership in IT projects (April 1999)

Invited speaker at the Midwest Regional Purchasing Executives Conference, on issues relating to effective technology buying (1998).

Invited speaker at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, 15th Annual Mid America Symposium on Retention and Recruitment of IS Professionals,  (Oct 27, 1998)

Invited speaker at the Executive Session of Infotec, 25th Annual Midwest Info Tech Conference, to address Chief Information Officers on issues relating to retention of IS personnel (April 1998).

Invited speaker at the Applied Information Management Institute, Omaha, NE, to address senior Human Resource managers on retention policies, (March 1998).

Invited speaker at the Software Process Improvement Network, Omaha, NE, to address computer professionals on retention policies, (June 1998).

Invited speaker at the Rotary Club, Omaha, NE, to address the social implications of technology (June 1998).

Invited speaker at the Kiwanis Club, Omaha, NE, to address the role of women in technology (June 1998).

Invited speaker, American Business Women’s Association, to discuss technology career options for women (March 1998).

Invited speaker, Association for Information Technology Professionals, to discuss successful retention strategies (April 1998).

Invited speaker, Young Women’s Career Conference, Omaha, NE, to encourage young women to pursue careers in information systems. More than 200 high school students expected to attend (April, 1998).

Invited speaker, Health Sciences Library Lunch and Learn Series, Creighton University, April 14, 1998.



Consultant to a Fortune 500 financial institution on corporate knowledge     management repository (March 1998 – December 1998).

Consultant to a major insurance company on recruiting and retention strategies (1998) and its impact of regional workforce retention strategies.

Conducted a survey of high school students to study technology biases




Beta Gamma Sigma, Business Honor Society; Alpha Phi Mu, Engineering Honor Society; Omicron Delta Kappa, Leadership Honor Society; Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International Scholars; Alpha Iota Delta, Honor Society in the Decision Sciences




Founders Award, Professional Association for Women in Technology, Omaha, Nebraska.

Association for Women in Computing Award “Top Twenty Women in Information Technology in Houston,” (2001)

Community Leader in Information Technology, Omaha, Nebraska (2000). Awarded by Applied Information Management Institute for outstanding service to the technology profession.

Recipient, Creighton University’s Kelley Award for inter-disciplinary curriculum development, Creighton University, 1999

College of Business Research Award, Creighton University, 1997 and 1998

Graduate Business Students Teaching Recognition Award (1994-1995)       

Celebrate Excellence Student Research Award, 1991 (University-wide Award for best dissertation)

University of Central Florida Outstanding Alumni Award (1984)

Florida Graduate Scholarship Award (1988-1990)

Rotary International Scholarship (1982-1984); Altrusa International Student Award (1984-1985)

One of three interns selected in a nationwide search of doctoral students for an internship with a Fortune 100 company.  



About Dr. Gupta

Dr. Uma G. Gupta is the Founder and President of STEM.SMART, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the pipeline of U.S students interested in STEM careers. In addition, she is the CEO of PlanetGPA, an international student recruitment services that serves as an extension to the recruitment offices of U.S. universities.

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