Uma Gupta writes:Shifting Our Perspectives on Our Problems


In her previous post, Uma Gupta wrote about the importance of shifting perspectives in order to be creative and innovative. Uma wrote about five dimensions on shifting perspectives for her upcoming book:

  • Problems
  • Solutions
  • Ourselves
  • World
  • Assumptions

Shifting perspectives on a problem that we are confronting is a huge challenge for most of us. The problems arrives at our door step in a certain shape, size, color, and dimension. Our training, both professional and social, immediately forces us to look at the problem in "a pre-determined way." We quickly assume that the problem facing us is one that we have confronted before. We assume that we know the right solution to the problem, writes Uma Gupta. Or, we "almost know" the solution to the problem and we simply have to pull the pieces together. Unfortunately, this is the first step toward closing tightly and firmly the door to creativity, innovative thinking, and ah! ha! moments. Writes Uma Gupta, "If each of us forced ourselves to say every time that we confront a problem that the problem is NOT what we think it is, we will experience incredible bursts of creative energy."

PS: All material copyrighted for an upcoming book. Please contact author for permission to reuse materials.

About Dr. Gupta

Dr. Uma G. Gupta is the Founder and President of STEM.SMART, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the pipeline of U.S students interested in STEM careers. In addition, she is the CEO of PlanetGPA, an international student recruitment services that serves as an extension to the recruitment offices of U.S. universities.

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